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Announcing our NEW - Charity work page

You can now follow our Charity work here

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New Year Body Blast (online) Challenge

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Our team is growing, we have a new Personal Trainer
Please welcome Diane to our team. She is offering FREE consultations. WELCOME Diane!
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Charity Head Shave - £742.96 Raised
My reasons for deciding to shave my head for Macmillian Cancer..

Treat yourself, or someone you love to a healthier happier lifestyle.
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Race for Life 2015
Race for Life 2015 I ran Race for Life again in 2015 with 4 of my clients, Uzma, who has new to running, and Rachel one of my newer clients finished in record times - Sarah and Diane bringing in similar times to last year. Well done ladies!!
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Race for Life 2015 I ran the Asda 10k with Team James to raise money for a Tobii Eye Gazer for James - collectively we raised £1120.86.
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Client Success! Mark Blagg
Mark Blagg Success Story With a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand and Australia, Mark set himself a challenge to climb 1439 steps up the to the very top of Sydney Bridge to overlook the skyline of Sydney harbour.
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Race for Life 2014
Race for Life 2014 Race for Life 2014 was a massive milestone for 3 of my clients, my mum Diane , Sarah and Sapphire. They each did really well and smashed their own PB by completing it in user 40 minutes. Well done ladies!
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Optimise your fitness and weightloss with Lorisian Food Itolerance Test
I am now a practitioner for Lorisian food intolerance testing. It is believed that 80% or more people suffer with food 'Intolerance' (Not allergy) and don't know about it...

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

Beverley, Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby, Cottingham, Woodmansey, Skirlaugh, Bilton, Preston, Hedon and Paull. (If you live outside this area, please contact me to discuss options)

I work mainly from my Fitness Studio on Craven Street, but can also train people from home or a local park. I offer a free no obligation consultation before you make any decisions.

I see Personal Training as a way of guiding and education people on the most effective way for them to get to the results they want, it’s different for every person.

So we spend time looking at what you’re eating, talking about ways to improve your lifestyle in a sustainable way, and a way to lose weight with realistic goals.

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Home > Tough Enough Classes

Tough Enough is a boot camp with a difference 

Assault courses are becoming more and more popular – not only for fun but as personal/physical challenges, charity events and an amazing day out with friends! 

You may have heard of some of the more popular ones such as Tough Mudder, Yorkshire Warrior, and Spartan Race.

What will amaze you is the team work on the day, the new friends you make on the way around the course and a renewed faith in humanity when you see everyone helping everyone to the finish line!   They are not designed as a race but a team challenge.

Okay – So mud isn’t for everyone, but my boot camp is.  Whether you are training for an assault course, trying to get fitter, or lose weight.... there is something for everyone.

More information can be found further down the page

Noddle Hill Park - climbing wall Noddle Hill Park - Slide Oak Road Park - bootcamp crawl training

Boot Camp's on offer 

Option 1 - Endurance

• Classes will run for 2 and a half Hours, on the third saturday of every month .

• Location – Beresford Park, Beresford Avenue, Off Beverley Road Hull.

• Cost – £10 per person - this includes a bottle of water & snack

• At least 3 people must be booked on and paid for each week for the class to commence.
(Please note, there may not be any toilets open on boot camp days)
Check out the photos for an idea of what we get up to.


Classes must be booked and paid for in full before the bootcamp starts.
Pay in cash, or via Paypal.

Select Availiable Classes
Full Name and Tel Number

Option 2 - Weekly Tough Enough Class

(Fitness and psychological training)

• Classes run every Saturday (Except the 3rd Saturday of the month).

• The class is on Park rotation to make the most of every park.
  Follow my facebook page for the next location.

• Cost – £3 per person, Payable on the day

•Book via the facebook page or e-mail me to secure a spot.

Why is Tough Enough different to every other boot camp?  

Have you ever gone past a bootcamp in the park and seen them in a circle using different bits of equipment?   It’s a standard circuit, and nothing special.   I have smashed the side off the thinking box and we’re off – every part of the park is utilised in some way.   We are not tied down to where the equipment is, we run, use trees, paddling pools, kids play area (if unoccupied!), skate park, goal posts!  If it’s got it – We use it!!

But don’t worry – I will push you, but never make you do anything you are unable or don’t want to.
I do however encourage team work... if you can’t get over something, maybe with the help of others you will be able to!

Obstacle climbing Goal post for bicept exercises Obstacle climbing

All of my classes revolve around functional fitness

Functional Fitness?  - Basically everyday (or assault course) movements instead of isolating muscles.  

When are you going to use a wide grip press-up on its own?   You’re not... but a narrow press up off the floor to standing..?    Maybe you have been on the floor playing with the cat or kids, or just come under a tree trunk in the mud and need to get back up!

How about a Triceps extension (straightening your arm over your head with a weight)??  You’re not... but jumping up onto things? Lifting yourself out of the swimming pool, into the loft at home or over a wall in the assault course.

You get the idea!

As part of participation you will be required to fill in a health screening form and a legal waiver.   

Using surroundings to exercise Hill sprints Tricept dips on skate park

Questions & Answers

Below I will list everything I can think of that you might need to know. If I haven't covered your question, please e-mail or text me on 07952 027165

What if it rains?

You will get wet!

Will weather affect the classes?

The only weather that will stop us going out is if I deem it dangerous. But I don't foresee the weather being a problem.

What should I wear?

Depends on the weather!

In December, I expect it will be cold. Please wear layers so if you do get hot, you can take a layer off at a time.

Gloves - I would suggest you wear gloves, but its personal choice as you will be getting wet any way.

Hat - In Winter, you may want bring a hat.

Bright clothing - It will be easier to keep you all together if I can see you ;) I am getting my High Visibility Vests printed soon.

Waterproofs. If you want to keep the wet out (Good luck!) please make sure the clothes you pick are breathable and loose. You will be crawling, climbing over things, jumping etc - it's important your clothes do not restrict you.

Dry Clothes. It would be sensible to bring dry clothes to get changed into, or at least an extra layer to put on after the training. There are no changing facilities in the park.

Am I okay to keep my jewellery on?

I would suggest you leave jewellery at home, including rings as we will be climbing, and crawling around the mud at times. To be safe, please leave it home.

Where do I leave my stuff?

Your valuables are your own responsibility. If you are coming in car, you can leave them in your car at your own risk. I am unable to look after personal items whilst training for legal reasons. If you are carrying keys/mobile phones/money etc, please make sure they are in a secure zipped pocket (ideally not in your trousers due to the training we will be doing) The best option would be to bring a small back pack that will not get in the way of your training.

I want to try and avoid leaving a pile of bags as we will be moving about the fields quite a bit. If you can attach things to yourself that would be the best option to keep your hands free for the next task.

Where do we meet?

This depends which park we go to, but usually the car park near the kids play park.  Check on facebook or with me for which park we are at each week. Look for the Citroen with BA Personal Training all over it (You can't miss it!)

I'm worried about going to the park on my own in the dark

Please don't walk to the park on your own if it’s dark. If you can drive, don't get out of the car on your own until you are sure we are there to meet you. I would advise that you use this group to find others that can either meet you at the park or another convenient place to arrive together.

What if I am not fit enough?

Whilst I intend the training to be at a high level, I understand that not everyone is the same fitness level, or some might do better in one thing, whilst struggle in another. I expect you to make every effort to push yourself, and at least try every task, but where possible I will give different options.

Do I need to book onto the class?

Yes - Please check the event's page on facebook, and the next class will be on there. Please let me know, or change your status if you are no longer able to attend. If there are too few names on the list, the class will be cancelled.

What if someone has an accident?

I am First Aid at Work trained.

I will also be carrying my mobile phone, and a first aid kit. It will be slippery out there in winter, so I expect people may fall over. Hopefully we won’t get any serious injuries though!

I am fully insured in case the worst does happen, and it is my responsibility to make sure everyone is fit and well before joining the training.   I will be asking you all to sign a form that explains the training and the risks, along with a short medical questionnaire.  It's your responsibility to make sure you are aware of the risks and to tell me about anything that might affect your training, or risk your health.  If I deem it unsafe for you to train without a note from the doctor, you will not be allowed to train.

I'm driving, but I don't want to get my car muddy!

I'd suggest you bring bin bags to put on the seats. If you bring a change of jacket you can keep your top half tidy! I'd also suggest a change of shoes.

What should I bring with me?

The following is a list of what I deem to be sensible things to bring, and what you should avoid bringing.

Appropriate items

  • Appropriate clothing (long sleeved, long legged)
  • Close-toed shoes/boots/trainers
  • Rain Coat
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Medication you NEED to carry.

Inappropriate items (Please leave at home)

  • Ripped Clothing
  • Shirts with offensive messages
  • Footwear without backing
  • Jewellery
  • Tobacco and Alcohol products
  • MP3 players, mobile phone

Can I take photos?

It would be better if you don’t take photos, to save the risk of losing your camera and disrupting the class.
I will be taking photos, but if there is one in particular you would like, please let me know.
On this point also – I you do not wish to appear in my photos please let me know. They will be used for marketing, Facebook and my website. I will not be copyrighting my boot camp photos, so you may use any that have your image in.