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Lands End to John O Groates

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Our team is growing, we have a new Personal Trainer
Please welcome Diane to our team. She is offering FREE consultations. WELCOME Diane!
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Charity Head Shave - £742.96 Raised
My reasons for deciding to shave my head for Macmillian Cancer..

Treat yourself, or someone you love to a healthier happier lifestyle.
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Race for Life 2015
Race for Life 2015 I ran Race for Life again in 2015 with 4 of my clients, Uzma, who has new to running, and Rachel one of my newer clients finished in record times - Sarah and Diane bringing in similar times to last year. Well done ladies!!
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Race for Life 2015 I ran the Asda 10k with Team James to raise money for a Tobii Eye Gazer for James - collectively we raised £1120.86.
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Client Success! Mark Blagg
Mark Blagg Success Story With a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand and Australia, Mark set himself a challenge to climb 1439 steps up the to the very top of Sydney Bridge to overlook the skyline of Sydney harbour.
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Race for Life 2014
Race for Life 2014 Race for Life 2014 was a massive milestone for 3 of my clients, my mum Diane , Sarah and Sapphire. They each did really well and smashed their own PB by completing it in user 40 minutes. Well done ladies!
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Optimise your fitness and weightloss with Lorisian Food Itolerance Test
I am now a practitioner for Lorisian food intolerance testing. It is believed that 80% or more people suffer with food 'Intolerance' (Not allergy) and don't know about it...

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

Beverley, Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby, Cottingham, Woodmansey, Skirlaugh, Bilton, Preston, Hedon and Paull. (If you live outside this area, please contact me to discuss options)

I work mainly from my Fitness Studio on Craven Street, but can also train people from home or a local park. I offer a free no obligation consultation before you make any decisions.

I see Personal Training as a way of guiding and education people on the most effective way for them to get to the results they want, it’s different for every person.

So we spend time looking at what you’re eating, talking about ways to improve your lifestyle in a sustainable way, and a way to lose weight with realistic goals.

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Excellent Value for Money
Emma - Testimonial


"I have tried every diet, joined gyms and exercise classes and never stuck with it. So decided that I needed a no escape option and that was 1-1 training.

I found Beki and Diane on Google searching for PT’s. My goals are to get fitter and lose weight. I have a personalised session every week that is helping me work towards my goals.

The sessions are personalised and they push you to achieve your best. It's great stress relief and I'm now at the point where I look forward to them. The ladies are knowledgeable and really listen to you"



Janet - Testimonial


"I decided to Train with Beki and Diane after having a consultation. I really like how flexible they are with clients due to work and other commitments. Everything that they include is great value for money.

My goals are to lose weight and generally become fitter. I have only just started but really enjoy my sessions.

I love the way they plan your sessions, constant support and advice."

Alan - Testimonial  


"I came across BA Personal training when visiting a nearby premises. I had lost my motivation to exercise. After reading on line reviews and having an informal chat with them both I was impressed, so signed up.

I wanted to lose weight and get back exercising independently again. They are helping me to achieve this by regular training sessions, encouragement, and advice re diet and exercise.

They are friendly and informal. Always available for advice."



Largest Loser X4L Competition

Beki with a bunch of flowers from her Largest Loser clients

Xercise4Less took part in a competition this year (2014) to raise money and awareness for Sports Relief. With all the Xercise4Less sites across the country taking part, Beki volunteered to give up her free time to be a team leader as one of the 4 representatives of the Hull Club.

The competition was to last 8 weeks, from the beginning of March to the end of April 2014. 1 Weigh in every week. X4L Hull had one mission – To get all 4 teams in the top 4, country wide.
Half way into the competition, the Hull club had all 4 teams in the top 12, and by the 6th week, all 4 teams in the top 5!

Team Beki (Renamed Team Awesome) made a fantastic effort, having 2 group PT sessions for the first 6 weeks, then a final push with 4 -5 PT sessions in both the last 2 weeks.
The team – Rebecca, Sarah, Holly and Robert have all become great friends, started training together on extra days on top of team meetings and have really made Beki Proud.

The total team loss was an amazing 3 Stone. They clubbed together to buy Beki a lovely bouquet of flowers to say thank you at the end, but the journey does not stop there. They’re still training as a team, going out as friends, and have continued working with Beki on a paid basis to further their goals.

Largest Loser Team Testimonials


I Joined xercise 4 less Hull in Feb/March 2013 and weighed in at 27 & ½ stone!  Over the next few months I did manage to lose about 5 stone which felt fantastic.  During October the weight loss had stalled and I didn’t lose anything for the next 4 weeks, eventually my gym attendance got less and less and eventually ceased altogether.  I had lost all motivation. 

By the time the new year arrived I had put back on about a stone and a half and was hovering at the 24 stone mark, so with renewed vigour I returned to the gym with all the new year resolutions still ringing loudly.  However I found my self struggling to find the motivation again and so when I spotted the Largest Loser competition I knew it was the kick up my arse I needed!! 

As an added incentive for me to train hard, I signed myself up to do the Hull 10km race in June!!  Me running??!!  Was I mad??  The last time I had run any distance was about 20 years earlier and about  11 stone lighter.  My goal when I started the largest loser competition was to lose 2 stone.   Beki gave us an eating plan and if I’m honest I was a little sceptical at first, I could have bacon and eggs for breakfast?  Snack on Cheese?  And eat fat??!!  I was expecting to eat like a rabbit!  Well I followed her plan, binned the bread and pasta, and within a couple of weeks of binning the bread I noticed that I wasn’t suffering from the bloating feeling and indigestion that I usually complained of,  I started to feel great. 

Up till the start of the largest loser my exercise routine consisted of the same machines, 20-30 mins on the treadmill, 10 mins on the cross trainer and 30 mins on the weights machines.  I was in a kind of rut!  Beki changed that and introduced me to whole new regime of exercises – Mountain climbers, squat jumps, BURPEES!!  She was tough on us, but tough was good it was what I needed!!  I began to enjoy the gym once more and started to attend daily, sometimes even twice!!  I also started to go for the occasional jog at home and even started to do the Park Run at east park, a 5km run every Saturday morning.  It was here that I started to notice my fitness levels improving every week putting in a new PB, My first 5K I finished in about 38 mins, and I am currently running it at about 31.45!!  Massive improvement!! 

Final Weigh in day came, couldn’t believe that 8 weeks had passed so quickly, It had been hard work but enjoyable as well.  I had made new friends in my team mates – Rebecca, Sarah and Holly and of course our team leader the awesome Robert's Storythat is Beki Johnson, whose dedication and commitment to us, pushing us hard never letting us give up even when our minds and bodies wanted to!  I had lost 36.5lb in 8 weeks!!  I had smashed my initial target of 2 stone!! Get in!!

The journey is far from over for me, I’ve still got a fair way to go until I reach my target weight of 13 stone, but I know it’s achievable and now my motivation is motivated!  Team Beki continues!!  New target challenge for October is the Major Series 10Km obstacle race…….Bring it on!!


I entered the largest loser competition because I want to lose weight and get in shape and the competition gave me a little extra motivation.  I'm really glad I got the team we did. We gelled well as a team and formed good friendships throughout the 8 week journey. For me, both the team and trainer Beki are very much regarded as family.

Beki has taught me many things. Since I first began working with her, my confidence has improved massively. When I first began working with Beki it was a struggle for me to do more than a minutes exercise without becoming breathless. I had a massive anxiety of the cross-trainer due to having fainting episodes in the past, (I can now do 10 minutes intervals increasing the level each minute), and I have learned there is nothing I can't do if I really want it and am prepared to work for it. Beki has taught me to correct my posture, and recently we began working on correction of heel striking. Whenever we identify an area for improvement I become very aware of what needs adjusting and it motivates me to do the necessary work.

While working with Beki I have achieved a massively noticeable waist reduction. My overall performance in exercise has improved dramatically. My confidence and my mental health have massively improved. (I was suffering with depression but now the only medication I occasionally need is my inhalers for asthma.) My core strength is much much better. And also my appetite is more stable and I have learned to correct my dietary intake to what my body needs.

Team mates have been hugely supportive and we are all sticking together as training buddies, preparing for a new challenge in October (10km assault course). We all share the same sense of wit and humour which made each training session as fun as it was difficult. Team members have engaged in additional physical activity together, including Park Run and ice skating.  Working as a team has taught me that although we each face our own personal challenges there is nothing really that we can't achieve when we work together. It really brought me out of my shell.  I have made new friends who encouraged me to get out of the house more. We all bring our own unique qualities to the team. And that's what made us like family. By working with people in a team I felt able to do more, and overcome obstacles such as my phobia of cross trainer.

I would recommend personal trainers any day. They really are very personal, pushing you while never expecting more of you than what you're capable of. When working with a trainer you can be assured that you are performing each activity safely and correctly, while receiving guidance and encouragement  and (if you need it as I sometimes do) distraction. If I hadn't worked with a trainer I would not see the results I see today. The photo proof is enough to show for itself. I couldn't be happier with my choice!!

I would tell anyone Beki is a caring professional who tailors exercise to your individual needs. She understands personal limitations and will endeavour to help you overcome any problem. She is fun to know, and taught me that I can enjoy exercise and also try new things. Beki really is a star trainer and once you get to know her she feels like family ;)

The biggest thing I have got from this experience is confidence and the realisation that my goals are not so far out of sight.  I have definitely reached some of my goals. I never could run before. Now I can manage 3km and aim to push it up to 5km. My ultimate goal is to be size 12, I have gone from a 16 to a comfortable size 14 :)   Beki is an amazing trainer and I know that with her help I can reach any goal!


I entered the largest loser competition because I get married next year and the back of my dress is laced up, and ideally I would like the lacing to met up the back, and I needed to get back to the gym after a work accident which knocked my confidence.

I am glad got in team I did, I have made some really good friends (including Beki), and we gave each other a lot of support and encouragement.   Beki was amazing she gave us so much support and encouragement.  She answered all our questions, no matter how silly. I always felt listen to and encouraged and pushed that next bit!

Beki taught me to believe in myself and that I can achieve what I want to achieve. I have learnt how to eat clean and have done to achieve the results I want.  I have lost weight and gained back a lot of confidences which I lost. I feel and look so much healthier.

We supported each other as a team so much through this and we have become really good friends and have set up a Facebook group called Team Beki - take two,  so we can keep in contact with each other.  We have planned to continue training together and the do the major series assault course this year.  Sometimes I need that extra push.   I have achieved a happier and healthier me.

Personal Training is worth doing, you gain a better understanding of what you should be doing to achieve your goals. Beki is a beast! (In a good way of course!)  She is really encouraging, and gives you a lot of support.   Whatever your goal Beki will help you achieve it.  The biggest thing I have got from the competition is making lovely friends, and feeling much better in myself.  The back of my wedding dress nearly meets and I have gained so much more confidences, we are already planning to continue working with Beki.

Client Testimonials

This is some of the feed back I have received from just a few of my clients

Rich - Testimonial


"I have worked with Beki as a PT for the last seven months. In that time I have gone through a number of phases of training from bulking to cutting. Through it all Beki has been there pushing me beyond what I thought possible and giving encouragement when it looks like I’m about to give up. The results are really beginning to show now. I have managed to put on a clear inch and a half on my chest, an inch on my arms and thighs and lost about an inch and a half from my waist.

Each session has been tailored for me and varies on a session by session basis leaving my body without a clue what’s hit it each time. PB’s have been pushed and broken time and time again. I’m a driven individual but her skills and dedication have been, without a doubt, paramount to my training.

Beki goes the extra mile for all her clients and is always sending out motivational texts during weekends, etc. reminding us to stay strong and offering ways to beat holiday time temptations.

As well as training advice she is also able to give excellent dietary advice which is tailored to the results that are wanted, not just generic “eat well” mantras. I’d recommend Beki very highly and have been nothing but satisfied with the work she has done for/on me. Here’s to the next measurement."



Steve - Testimonial


"I choose Beki as a PT because of her qualifications on and info on the gym website. My goals were to lose weight, get fit and to look slimmer for my nieces wedding. I smashed my target, my waist went from a 42" to a 38" in time for the wedding, lots of people commented on how much weight I had lost and how well I looked.

The main thing I have gotten out of PT sessions with Beki is an addiction to going to the gym, it’s more a part of my daily routine now. A new wardrobe had to buy all new clothes as my other clothes no longer fit me.  Beki’s training programmes have helped me achieve my goals.

I have had no problem with contacting Beki, and if we see each other at the gym we always speak.  I have a new target to achieve and yes I would use Beki again to help me achieve this.

I would liked to have done a bit more pad work though, I enjoyed that.

I would recommend Beki as a Personal Trainer as it helps you focus on achieving your goals and encourages you to keep going to the gym. If I had not employed a PT I would probably dropped out months ago, now I cannot keep away."


"I chose Beki as a PT because she had a great offer on.  My goals were to tone up, loose excess fat. I feel fitter and healthier, in just 4 weeks I felt slimmer, have more energy and now feel more comfortable using the gym equipment.  From working with Beki I have gained Gym confidence, personal confidence, Help with exercise routines, help with how to use the equipment correctly, and better postures for certain exercise movements.
Beki is very approachable, friendly, and passionate about her job role and gets back to me straight away.  I loved the sessions and wish I could continue
I would recommend Beki to others because she is Friendly, and to see results."


Sapphire - Testimonial

"Beki had good reviews on the X4L facebook group and she had a great offer on before Christmas.  Initially I wanted to be able to wear a dress for a wedding in January. Now I want to lose bodyfat % and I'm en route to achieving it!  

Beki has given me confidence! She has taught me how use gym equipment I'd never have dared use before. When I began at the gym I found it is so hard to find correct information and guidance that is helpful for yourself, but Beki's knowledge provided me with info that I can use forever! Also she has pushed me to work harder than I ever have and I now actually enjoy going to the gym (something I never thought I'd say!).  

Beki has told me a lot of useful knowledge to help me on my journey, particularly concerning nutrition. Also I have learnt proper form and technique tailored to my own needs which has really helped when I go to the gym on my own.  She is very approachable and easy to get on with. If I have a question I wouldn't hesitate to contact Beki through facebook. I always get a reply quickly, too!

 I would recommend Beki because of confidence in your ability and the reassurance you get from Beki. I feel a lot more motivated when I'm with Beki and she pushes me a lot further than I would normally go by myself. Thank you! I really enjoy my PT sessions even if I'm unbelievably knackered at the end! I'm so glad I decided to do them because I have learnt so much about exercise and nutrition. The tailored workout plans are excellent and are really easy to follow but also very challenging!"

Alisha - Testimonial

Alisha – Profession figure skater for Disney on Ice.

"I like training with you because it doesn’t just feel like we’re training, it’s great fun, you motivate me, and it feels like you’re working out with a friend as well as a PT.  You have made the sessions fun, different, and motivating, but also designed them to suit me, in a way other PT's couldn’t.  You’re very committed.

We talk in between sessions, we discuss food and healthy eating, we talk about what I can practice on my own away from the sessions, and also make me feel as though I can contact you at any time."

Keri – Nurse

"I train with Beki because every session is different & she pushes me without me even realising. I knew many of the trainers from a previous gym & they were quiet pretentious, they also made inappropriate comments about other members.

I chose to train with Beki due to her honest approach & commitment to health and well being. I really wanted to challenge myself with free weights but felt intimidated going into that area due to it being male dominated.  Beki has helped me build my confidence in this area & now feel confident training in the free weight area.

I feel that Beki is very committed as I receive regular & detailed training plans.  The gym is very busy & Beki has demonstrated that she is committed to my PT sessions from start to finish.

Motivation this is one area I struggle with due to work to life balance; however Beki respects my limited time & helps me to stay motivated."

Diane – Shop keeper

"You push me way harder than I push myself – you push me to my limits without me even realising what you are doing.

You have helped me streamline by figure, tummy reduction has been amazing and is ongoing and I feel so much better in myself.  I would recommend you to others because it is results that count, and the results I see in my photos speak for themselves.

What I like is that you are willing to listen to me and adapt my regime accordingly. It was your motivation that got me started..... Now you help keep my motivation going by the results I see.

This is what happens when you have a Personal Trainer who makes you believe in yourself.... Size 20 down to Size 12 – all thanks to Beki Johnson PT"

Diane size 20 Diane size 12

Steve - Testimonial

Nicky – Teaching Assistant

"Beki is enthusiastic, committed, friendly, pushes you to achieve even when you have had enough.

Beki has helped me improve my core strength and find my interest in exercise again.  I would definitely recommend Beki to others, she is a friendly approachable PT who listens and understands the ups and down of individuals lifestyles.  

Beki took time out to prepare a home plan as well as a gym plan, listened to what I wanted to change and achieve.  

Beki is very committed, shows interest in individuals and actively promotes confidence and fitness. I am exercising more than ever and seeing good results."


"I enjoy training with Beki because she's enthusiastic, knowledgeable & fun to work with. She makes sure I work on a good variety of exercises which gives me a thorough workout and keeps training fresh and interesting. 

Beki encourages me to push myself beyond my limits but she recognises that I have limits and doesn't ask me to do anything I'm not capable of doing. Beki has already helped me to become fitter and healthier, improving both my diet and my fitness levels, and has helped encourage a more positive outlook generally.

If I work at them I can achieve my goals. I could not have achieved what I have without Beki's help. She has helped me to motivate myself and begin to better myself all round. 

I have already recommended Beki to others. She's been a big help to me and I believe she can do the same for others too. Beki talked to me about what I wanted to achieve and has successfully identified my training and development needs. 

I believe Beki is 100% committed to my training. She is a thoroughly dedicated and committed personal trainer."