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You can now follow our Charity work here

Lands End to John O Groates

Join our team to help us complete this challenge
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New Year Body Blast (online) Challenge

Check out our Facebook page Events and join us for our New Year New You challenge. If you have missed this one don't worry, keep checking back for future events.

Our team is growing, we have a new Personal Trainer
Please welcome Diane to our team. She is offering FREE consultations. WELCOME Diane!
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Charity Head Shave - £742.96 Raised
My reasons for deciding to shave my head for Macmillian Cancer..

Treat yourself, or someone you love to a healthier happier lifestyle.
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Race for Life 2015
Race for Life 2015 I ran Race for Life again in 2015 with 4 of my clients, Uzma, who has new to running, and Rachel one of my newer clients finished in record times - Sarah and Diane bringing in similar times to last year. Well done ladies!!
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Race for Life 2015 I ran the Asda 10k with Team James to raise money for a Tobii Eye Gazer for James - collectively we raised £1120.86.
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Popped my Tough Mudder Cherry!
Find out how I got on in the lead up to Tough Mudder and how tough it actually was by reading my latest blog...

Client Success! Mark Blagg
Mark Blagg Success Story With a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand and Australia, Mark set himself a challenge to climb 1439 steps up the to the very top of Sydney Bridge to overlook the skyline of Sydney harbour.
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Race for Life 2014
Race for Life 2014 Race for Life 2014 was a massive milestone for 3 of my clients, my mum Diane , Sarah and Sapphire. They each did really well and smashed their own PB by completing it in user 40 minutes. Well done ladies!
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Optimise your fitness and weightloss with Lorisian Food Itolerance Test
I am now a practitioner for Lorisian food intolerance testing. It is believed that 80% or more people suffer with food 'Intolerance' (Not allergy) and don't know about it...



Hull fat-fighters crowned biggest losers after slimming down 5st in a month in Xercise4Less Sport Relief challenge


Flab Fighters Crowned nation's largest losers
Hull Daily Mail Article - June 2014

Beki quits her desk job to start
a career as a PT

UK Fitness Scene - December 2013

PT Magazine June 2013

Body Fit Magazine June 2013

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Robert's Transformation Journey

Being part of the Largest Loser competition was fantastic. I didn’t really know what I was volunteering for at first, but when the teams were picked and given out – I couldn’t have asked for a better team. You never know what to expect from people until you see them train, and Robert amazed me from the very first day!

He tired quickly, but didn’t give in and just went for it. Every session there on in, whatever I threw at them he got on with it – Beast mode well and truly engaged! Every session he pushed to beat previous times, run faster, go a higher level and even when he struggled to stand he still would not give in until he had finished the challenge I set them.

I would often see Robert in the gym recreating some of the workouts we had done, often on the same day as our session. He quickly became a regular gym goer and even took up Park Run on a Saturday morning, which is a 5km timed run.

Robert Bentley 36.5lb's lost in 8 weeks

When I sent guidance notes to the Team on their eating, Robert took to them well – using the basics I gave him he created some amazing meals! The basis of what I sent them was a sustainable way of eating for life that can be adapted to any lifestyle. I asked them to cut out grains completely if they could, or at least bread, pasta and starchy food groups such as potatoes and rice. Drink water/herbal teas, only have a little fruit and to make sure they have it with protein.

I banned my team from cereals and instead suggested eggs, bacon, fish, vegetables and wholesome real foods for breakfast. I taught them about the effect of insulin amongst other things so they understand why I was asking them to eat this way, which in turn helped them to make healthy choices. I also provided them with a list of my own quick and easy recipes to help them implement this way of eating.

The overall response from Robert was a massive loss of weight in just 8 weeks, with a massive increase in fitness! To come top out of 27 teams was amazing and I am immensely proud of him. I can’t wait to see his story continue - we will see him reach 13 stone!

Robert's take on Largest Loser

On June 13, 2014 my client Rob and myself featured in the Hull Daily Mail

Hull fat-fighters crowned biggest losers after slimming down 5st in a month in Xercise4Less Sport Relief challenge

Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Hull-fat-fighters-crowned-biggest-losers-slimming/story-21230807-detail/story.html#ixzz34dmk8UqK

Rob's completed a 10km race!

Robert Bentley completes Hull 10k run

Rob's progress pictures

Transformation picture Robert